Sep 6, 2017

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The problem with Starfinder’s Gap

The Starfinder RPG takes place in the same solar system as Pathfinder. To make sure that Pathfinder still is relevant and keep the transition between Path- and Starfinder times mysterious, they made Golarion (the planet Pathfinder is playing on) disappear and introduced “the Gap.”

It’s a very long period of time that has been erased from memory and databases. Part of your job as an agent of the Starfinders is to look for information explaining what happened in this time, and maybe even figure out what happened to Golarion.

And while I really like the mystery, it makes a couple of thing really hard roleplaying wise.

Let’s say you want to roleplay an android that mimics the goofiness of early SciFi movie robots. Even if something like this existed on Golarion, all information about this has gone with the Gap. Even if we say that he want’s to imitate previous generations of robots and androids ( instead of Golarion’s pop-culture): This information is gone as well.

In theory, it’s really hard to make any pop-culture references in character, while it’s really hard not to make a lot of pop-culture references while playing the game.

And while I am fine with using real-world pop culture references, or even referencing imaginary pop-culture from certain SciFi franchises (like Captain Proton, who was the protagonist of a black & white SciFi TV show according to Star Trek Voyager), it’s a a shame that we cannot come-up with something like this in Starfinder. All this information is lost in the Gap.

Imagine all the good and trashy Sci-Fi movies, comics (are there even comics in this universe?) and books that we and our characters know nothing about.

Who are the heroes our heroes can be inspired by?

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