Aug 30, 2017

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Top 10 Reasons Starfinder is great

I think Paizo’s latest roleplaying game Starfinder is absolutely amazing. Here are my top 10 reasons, why I love it so much

  • New things to explore in the game mechanics, yet a familiar base to work on
  • Space is large, everything you (or anybody else) can imagine is there somewhere
  • The setting is fantastic. There is a rich history with an amazing mystery right in the middle of it
  • Starfinder Organized Play allows you to play with like minded people whenever you find the time
  • The mix of magic and science is well done
  • Space Goblins. Mixing the best of Golarion’s most fun foe with tropes from so many sources
  • The art is amazing and incredibly immersive
  • Character creation is fun.
    So fun I even added a small random starfinder character idea generator in the sidebar of this side
  • Space Battles!
  • Outfitting your character (and your starship) is a lot of fun, and almost a game in it’s own right

And I could write a whole article about each of these topics. Reading the core rulebook will spawn so many ideas, that you want to create a couple of characters, grab a ship and explore planets.

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