Sep 10, 2017

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A particular set of skills ( Vesk building, part II )

In the last article I gave my Vesk the base attributes based on class (Envoy), race (Vesk) and theme (Outlaw). Next is skills. And while Envoys get a lot of skill points, I still wish I could have more.

So, I decided that I will pick three key skills. These skills will get a new skill point every level. Since my Envoy gets eight skill points total each level, that means I have five points left that I can assign as I like.

I imagine my Vesk to be pretty physical and yet surprisingly charming and polite. Or in game terms: Athletics, Acrobatics and Diplomacy.
Culture also fits the social idea of the character, so let’s put a point there.
Sense Motive and Perception are two skills I am so used from Pathfinder, that I feel compelled to spend points here as well. That means six of eight of my points are already assigned.
I think Computers are pretty common, so it would make sense to invest at least one point here. My character isn’t the smartest, so having some experience finding information on the infosphere might have been vital in his past.
Placing the final point is hard. Both Stealth and Medicine seem to be quite useful. Piloting is tempting as well. For some reason, I think Stealth works better for this character.

I also admit, that I will cheat a little, and might change my “key skills” at level 2, but they will be fixed after this.

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